July 2018 Screenshot Thread

Another epic turn out for the screenshot thread, the June screenshot thread was the biggest yet.

Well, we are half way through the year. Man time flies.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

To open the linked scrot fullscreen in your browser, scroll down to the Download icon on the right (next to Like and Share at scrot.moe), right-click it and hit T on your keyboard to open the screenshot in a new browser tab, then switch to that tab. Copy and paste the address here and Boom! Fullscreen goodness.
(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

We recommend http://scrot.moe for image uploads, or as an option drag and drop your image into the reply box. Thank you very much, Mr. Neilypops!


tint2 and short conky:


@dobbie - that’s all one polybar in the lower left corner? Nice setup as individual buttons.


Old but updated Polybar. Kitty is now my default terminal.


Okay sorry to spam. More changes, font change and oh-my-zsh theme change for kitty. back to the dynamic Mojave wallpaper. It’s a quasi-Mojave look.


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This is just too perfect! I’d say this theme is more beautiful than your last two dark themes. There’s more balance between the text and background color means easier on the eyes. Polybar looks great with wider spacing.

Thanks man. Yeah I am really liking this latest dark theme. Definitely a step up from the last two. Better colour combinations this time.

Is it July already?

Trying out st:


That’s version 0.8 with the scrollback, scrollback-mouse & scrollback-mouse-altscreen patches applied so that the mousewheel can scroll the buffer content without chording.

Does anybody know how to use bitmap fonts with st? If I add an XLFD to config.h it renders as sans-serif :confused:


My first of the month… The fresh 2018.07 testing release on my laptop.

Scrot’s taken following reboot after going full-tilt-Mogadishu with al-hello and installing everything I could get my greedy hands on. Zero issues or complaints. Installer is awesome and memory usage is way down (on this machine). :grin:


Ah… July in Phoenix. Such a beautiful place to melt. <-;
The snowbirds have long flown away. Just us fanatics remain.

Original Wallpaper

Wallpaper Used w/Screenshot


@McQ, that’s absolutely fantastic.

Cheers! Thanks Glenn.

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Nice scrotts in ther fellas, Already July !

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New theme, not sure if I am happy with it. Feels like a step down from the last one.


Looks good to me.

You guys never stop tweaking !


Nice to see it went smootly this time around !

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@Dobbie03, I really liked the one you were using but prefer this one. I’ve always liked single color themes, they’re easier on my eyes.

Thanks. The trouble I was having was on my desktop and believe It’s resolved. Nate’s done a ton of work on the installer, can’t imagine anyone having trouble with it.

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Yep, great work from Nate on there.


Came across this wall on unsplash and fell in love with it. Many changes to theme, polybar and tint2. Pic’s of me & mine messing around with selfies the other day (after daughter #2 cut all my hair off… It was almost as long as Marie’s :persevere:) but thought it fit with theme :slight_smile: