Joplin and i3wm

I am getting back into i3, and having fun
Does any one use Joplin with i3 (I know @Peppe is another Joplin fan …)
If I open an attachment to a note (e.g. a pdf in the note) it opens in Atril in another window fine, but then the window with Joplin is blank so I cant read both at the same time. I am also having problems moving the Joplin window to another workspace when a pdf is opened too.
When I am not opening a pdf Joplin works fine
It also works fine on the same machine in Openbox, and I can open pdfs via Joplin fine

anyone have similiar (or fine) behaviour with Joplin and i3?

I will also ask on Joplin forum, but thought there could be some candidate geniuses on here as well

Hi @leigh I was dorking out with all various kinds of distro’s. Anyway, I can certainly not be a candidate for genius, and the i3 - Joplin issue you mention I’ve got no experience with, sorry mate!

Cheers anyway :+1:t2:. Not a deal breaker just a niggle. I will reenable the pdf viewer as a solution.

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I tried Joplin twice, and found it to some degree exceptional, as the least resource friendly app I’ve ever seen. If I remember well, it creates tons of WTF-folders, and syncs them over the web.

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Whatever you are using @nwg you are doing the right thing. :+1:


Definitely not. My shopping list app is the worst shit in the world. Today I posted another bunch of complaints on Google play.