lol, you bet !

I couldn’t wait.


pretty easy to build.

Wonder how hard it is to make an Arch package?



I did maintain an AUR package for it until it hit the main repos. I don’t think I’ve got the PKGBUILD anymore, but it was easy to write by following the basic example on the arch wiki - pretty much just URL + make prefix=/usr install



Here it is.

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I’ve just noticed jgmenu-3.0-1 in Arch testing.

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Wonder if you re aware of this @malm , Arch Linux flagged package jgmenu-3.0-1as out of date on their site;


Yes. That was me. I flag it as out of date there when I release a new version.
I’ve also e-mailed the package maintainer.
Not sure what else I can do…

Hey thx for the comeback @malm . Guess they ll update it soon enough now !

I’ve only done minor tweaks since 3.0, so it’s not worth worrying about ATM.

If it continues for too long we could always go back to a specific archlabs build or the AUR.

Hey fine with me @malm

Hi, i feel dumb but i can’t find how to edit categories in jgmenu…

I’m using openbox.

Hey bud, this might help you out;


Yes, thank you, i already read that, but i still don’t understand, now i feel dumber haha

You mean the main categories like “Accesories”, “Graphics”?

That’s not jgmenu, those are the standard menu headings any desktop menu (like xfce) will read. I don’t know if those can be edited.

If you want custom headings, you’ll need to read through jgmenu/manual @altman linked and create a custom menu.


See https://specifications.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/apa.html

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ok, thanks.
I don’t understand why vscode is in “accessories”.
I can live with that, i mostly use rofi.

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You may copy vscode .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications and edit the group. It should override the default file content.


Sorry, missed this one.
It depends on what module you use to generate the menu. What csv_cmd set to in your config file? I suggest using csv_cmd=apps
Read man jgmenu-apps for instructions on how to define categories. Please reach out if you’re struggling.


Ok, it worked, now vscode is in “development” and in accessories.


Hey loving jgmenu you really have something special here. I have one question . Where do you enter the environmental variable to move the menu? in icp mode. I cant seem to get it off the bottom left of my screen even though my bar is at the top