I discovered the “defect” @malm hahaha … I imagine everyone will find it strange but it was the “hicolor”

In several installations the terminal showed a list of missing hicolor icon files and I had to contunate, until then I was not having problems running the programs, but I decided to remove the Gimp to check for the existence of duplicate files as was suggested by you and @PackRat and to my surprise the Gimp was the first to have the installation irregular, I could not execute it, I deleted the hicolor folder and it was rebuilt but the error continued, I removed the standard icons and Adwaita did not solve the reinstallation, I could only copy the folder of a live installation, replace all related folders and the problem when restarting has been solved, now I can rename any .desktop file without problems!

I do not know exactly what the connection between the iconic icons is and the fact that I can not rename the desktop, but now I do not need to open the .desktop to edit, I do the applications folder right there and the menu changes.

I want to thank you and the PackRat for the patience, I had a against time with a family member but everything was solved and with success, even the system! hahaha…

Many thanks and all the best for everyone!!! :+1:



Glad that everything fixed @m.rogers !

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Yes, thanks!

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No hay problema !

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Happy days. We like problems solved.

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Thanks for your patience! hahaha
Thank you!



No need to apologize for that; hope she is feeling better.

Glad you got your issue fixed.



It was a small correction in one eye, implanted a lens, and now everything is in order, she is here with me in my house.

Thank you so much you too!!

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Glad she s ok @m.rogers ! Linux can wait on moments like that right !

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No doubt!!

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jgmenu 1.4 is out.

Updates since v1.3

  • Improve openbox module (with support from @johnraff)

    • Handle openbox reconfigure and restart actions correctly

    • Check ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml on awake and reload on change

    • Set $PWD correctly when executing --cmd command

  • Add --center argument

  • Fix sticky submenu bug (with thanks to @johnraff)

  • Re-enable build on OpenBSD by removing calls to timer_create()

  • Enable pango markup for text

  • Add config options “sep_halign” and “sep_markup”

  • pmenu: do not show entries with NoDisplay=true in .desktop file.
    Reported by ArchLabs Linux forum members @Xase and @sikkdays (the issue
    specifically related to multiple entries showing for krita)



jgmenu v1.5 is released.

It should find it’s way into the Arch Linux Community Repo over the next few days.

See notes here



jgmenu v1.6 release notes

Updates since v1.5

  • Resolve ‘\n’ characters in item names (to give new line characters)

    As a result, when using the lx module, a ‘\n’ can be included in
    csv_name_format in jgmenurc to span several lines. For example:

    csv_name_format = %n\n<span size="x-small">%g</span>

  • Amend CSV API to include ‘working directory’ and ‘metadata’

  • Improvements to lx module

    • Allow commas in ‘name’ and ‘command’ fields

    • Add working_dir to output, taking the value from the .desktop
      files’ ‘Path=’ field

  • Improvements to openbox module

    • Support icons with pipe-menu entries

    • Use /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml as fallback if no file is specified
      and $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml does not exist.

    • Add experimental i18n support. This is not yet documented, but can
      be used by taking the following steps (replacing sv with whatever
      is appropriate for you):

      • Run jgmenu_run ob | jgmenu_run i18n --init >sv
      • Translate entries in file ‘sv’
      • Run JGMENU_I18N=sv jgmenu (with csv_cmd=ob in jgmenurc)

      It is enough to point the environment variable JGMENU_I18N to a
      directory containing the translation file, in which case the
      value of $LANG will be used to find the right file.

      See jgmenu_run i18n --help for more details

  • Improvements to pmenu module

    • Fix markup bug, which sometimes results in breakage (apologies)
  • A number of minor fixes, most notably:

    • Escape markup characters in <empty> string to show correctly

    • Set menu width correctly taking into account pango markup




Thx for the hard work @malm



@altman Pure pleasure



No problem @malm . Appreciate the efforts you guys are making.



Awesome updates there @malm.



A new version is out. The Arch package maintainer has been pre-occupied so there are three releases in one this time.

See v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2



Nice! Its been well worth the wait.



Hard working. Thx @malm