Good question. I don’t know.

Key bindings are easy with xshkd.

I’ve never explored pointer/button actions, and having had a look at the documentation, it’s not obvious to me how to execute an external command with a right click.

If you work it out, I’d be interested to know. It would be a useful addition to the jgmenu github wiki.



Launching jgmenu on right click is pretty simple, binding jgmenu_run to button3 in sxhkdrc (+at pointer in jgmenurc)

There are a couple of problems though:

  • It launches on right click anywhere on the screen, even on windows. Not a big problem for me as I don’t use right click on anything else, but still it would be nice to use it only on the desktop
  • The main problem: when there are windows, the menu appears behind them, even with a bspc rule making jgmenu floating and above.

I’ll keep looking for a solution and I’ll come back if I find something. On manjaro-bspwm for instance they managed to have very nice separated window and desktop menus (not with jgmenu though), I’ll try to see what they did.


It sounds similar to issue #51 - which was fixed here

What version of jgmenu are you running?

jgmenu --version

You should be at v1.1

If the issue persists I’ll try to replicate your bspwm config and see if I can re-produce it.

Nice youtube video BTW. Any idea what menu that is?


Yes, it was the version, thanks! I had an older archlabs-jgmenu package, now I used the one in AUR and the menu appears above other windows.

The menu they use seems to be this.


Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we had our own AL package before jgmenu made it onto the Arch repos. That explains it.

Grateful for any feedback you might have on bspwm integration. I have nothing on wiki for this.


Hello @malm how are you?

I have some doubts and if possible I would like to take them around here …

In the image it is clear that the question of language helps and hinders at the same time … words in English can generate three in Brazilian Portuguese as well as one in Portuguese can generate three in English, this is fact … hahaha …

It is possible to do this classification to go through the full name that is in the menu or fix the name of the program, in the case “Gimp” and thus avoid this, because in any update the name is rebuilt, in the example the same gimp, has that huge name but it does not help to change, any update undoes everything … and today I can not change the names, before in the AL 2018.03 I could not today…

Thanks for listening!!


And this folder came up, if you delete the jgmenu to work even though there is an identical folder in " / " and before there was no

Thank you!!


Hi there
Thanks for reporting this.
On phone, so will be brief, but can write more tomorrow.
I wonder if you’ve installed directly from the master branch and got unlucky by cloning half way through a series of commits (my menu looked similar about a week ago).
What version are you running

jgmenu —version

Do you get the same if you delete ~/bin/jgmenu, and just run the version in the arch community repo?

You might need to do a

hash -r

I might be wrong, but if you could report back on this as a starter for ten.


Yes, deleting anything works and see the version.

And do not worry, do not be in a hurry, this can be discussed another time … these details do not hinder usability, it’s just an account.

Thank you!


Okay. We’re on the right track.
Looks like you have a partial installation left in your $HOME directory.
That error message tells me that ~/bin/jgmenu_run is looking for stuff in ~/lib (which I guess you’ve deleted).

If you still have the git repo, the easiest way to clean up is

make prefix=$HOME uninstall

Or just delete ~/bin/jgmenu_run, but that would probably leave some others files lying around which is not so tidy.

Then, confirm

/usr/bin/jgmenu —version 

It should be v1.3


Hello, thank you for responding!

I did the procedure but even then nothing happens and the installed version continues the same previous path although there is another … and without the “lib” folder exposed in the home jgmenu does not work, this is strange …



Okay. So where is your jgmenu version v1.2.1…? We need to remove it :grinning:

type jgmenu

Have you installed it to /usr/local/bin too?

The aim is to remove all jgmenu files from $HOME and /usr/local

If you want to be really tidy, look at the uninstall target in the Makefile. It lists all the files/directories to be removed (including man pages etc)


Ok, I removed the jgmenu completely from both places, I did a cleanup on the system and when I rebooted I did the new installation and everything is normal now!

Oh, I also backed up the settings in .config before removing everything and the default system theme is working perfectly well !!

@malm, I want to thank you for your work, for wasting your time and for having patience… hahaha… congratulations!

I just have one more question; Where I find application shortcuts so that I can rename, for example the “image manipulation program”, I want to leave only “Gimp” (in /usr/share/applications/ does not work …)

Thank you!


What, if anything, did you actually try and edit in the /usr/share/applications/ ?

Usually, if you edit the gimp.desktop (any *.desktop) in /usr/share/applications/ you will see this line:

Name=GNU image manipulation program

change that to:


or whatever you want it to be. I have only done this for English - if you’re in a non-English locale, I would suspect you need to edit the line for your location i.e Name[fr] for French.

Edit - would Name[pt_BR] be the Brazilian Portuguese?


Delighted to be able to help and pleased that you had a go at building from the git repo.

The response from @PackRat is what I would suggest.


@malm @PackRat

Let’s see if I can explain.

In the 2018.03 version of AL I renamed and after restarting this huge phrase from Gimp if it only transposed into “Gimp”, nothing happens today, until 2018.05 I could change, I do not know exactly if the system or some library or configuration of it Something to see but all the colors are already renamed with short names but nothing happens …

There are several shortcuts with exaggerated names, this is just an example.


That looks like you’re having some sort of conflict with the locale - Thunar is showing the icon names in English, jgmenu is showing them in English and Portuguese (that is Portuguese, correct?).

Did you try changing:

Name[pt_BR]=Programa de manipulação de imagem do GNU



in the gimp.desktop file?


@m.rogers What’s your output of

locale -a
echo $LANG

Have you created a duplicate gimp.desktop and edited it?

locate gimp.desktop

Are you using pmenu or lx? (csv_cmd in jgmenurc)

What do you get with

jgmenu_run pmenu | grep -i “gimp\|gnu”

What if you replace pmenu with lx?


@PackRat @malm
Sirs, first of all I apologize for spending time outside, I suddenly had to succor my mother who underwent a minor surgery in one eye but everything is already okay now!

Some icons have no other translation, others with many lines and others with only 5 or 6 … Gimp was already with this change in the file but has not changed.

See the exit

There is a detail but in this case we have already entered the question of the system, date and other details are in English, but I will leave so for now, I am a little out of time…
And gradually I am correcting those points.


jgmenu behaving as they way I expect it to.

Just to confirm, have you go a line in /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop that reads

Name[pt_BR]=Programa de manipulação de imagem do GNU

I’m not sure why thunar is showing “Gimp”. Have you edited anything in /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop? If so, what?

Have you got more than one gimp.desktop on your system

locate gimp.desktop  # locate with a 't'