Support thread for jgmenu

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jgmenu is now in the Arch community repo

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I’m sure I saw a screenshot showing power off, reboot icons etc? Is this possible with Jgmenu @malm?


I didn’t think the utility of another menu would be much use to me but I’ve found myself using jgmenu more and more & it’s incredibly easy to modify. Really nice @malm & thanks.

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I don’t use it often as I normally use Rofi to launch anything, but I really like jgmenu.


This includes an example of how you can implement poweroff, etc.
This is how we used it before lx, pmenu and xdg existed.

With the current ArchLabs setup, if you add the following to ~/.config/jgmenu/append.csv you get something similar

Exit to prompt,openbox --exit,system-log-out
Suspend,systemctl -i suspend,system-log-out
Reboot,systemctl -i reboot,system-reboot
Poweroff,systemctl -i poweroff,system-shutdown

If you set the following in ~/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc

csv_cmd = ob

you get the “ArchLabs” (~/.config/openbox/menu.xml) menu. This can be quite useful on Window Managers other than openbox.

You could also build this into the current menu using ^pipe()

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@malm, thanks for the reply. Both very cool options.

Is append.csv a current file? I don’t seem to have anything but jgmenurc in ~/.config/jgmenu

Put this in your ~/.config/jgmenu folder as append.csv

Web Browser,firefox,firefox
File Manager,pcmanfm,system-file-manager
Music Player,pgrep mpd || mpd; xterm -e ‘ncmpcpp’,multimedia-player
Lock,i3lock -c 000000,system-lock-screen
Run,dmenu_run -fn “--dejavu sans-medium-r----------*”,system-run
Settings and Admin,^checkout(settings),folder

Settings and Admin,^tag(settings)
Wifi,xterm -e ‘sudo wifi-menu’,network-wireless
Printers,firefox http://localhost:631/admin,printer
Background image,nitrogen ~/bg/,preferences-desktop-wallpaper
Colour Picker,yad --color --button=OK --undecorated --center,color-picker
Update system,xterm -e ‘sudo pacman -Syyu; bash’,system-software-update

Exit to prompt,openbox --exit,system-log-out
Suspend,systemctl -i suspend,system-log-out
Reboot,systemctl -i reboot,system-reboot
Poweroff,systemctl -i poweroff,system-shutdown

I copied this from @malm’s link. Works well here.


Thanks Matt. Awesome @malm :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, for whatever reason… To add ‘only’ the logout commands to jgmenu I needed to do this:

Exit,^checkout(exit),system-shutdown <—(This line needed to be retained)
Logout,openbox --exit,system-log-out
Reboot,systemctl -i reboot,system-reboot
Poweroff,systemctl -i poweroff,system-shutdown

Good stuff.

You can use both prepend.csv and append.csv.
See tutorial “lesson 9”

See “Lesson 6” in the tutorial for some notes on ^tag() and ^checkout()


Thanks malm it’s working perfectly & I will :slight_smile:

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jgmenu has been tagged at v0.9

Release Notes


i change repo my arch labs my start menu keep not showing

We should soon get that sorted.

Could you paste the output to the following:

sudo pacman -Ss jgmenu

pacman -Qi jgmenu

jgmenu --version

What happens if you run jgmenu from a terminal?

Could you also do

pacman -Qs jg

A jgmenu user has reported an issue with xinerama with a new gaphics card (github issue #61)

I’ve replaced xinerama with xrandr on branch ‘dev’ and
tested it on my machine.

If anyone has a multi-monitor setup and feels taking it for a quick test drive, I’d be most grateful. It’s the sort of change that could break things and I’m keen to gain some confidence before merging with the ‘master’ branch.

The steps would be as follows

git clone -b dev https://github.com/johanmalm/jgmenu
cd jgmenu
killall jgmenu

Press F10 to exit jgmenu
Move pointer to a different monitor

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Hey, first of all thank you for jgmenu, it’s one of those great tools that remind me what I love about Linux. I guess this is more of a bspwm question than a jgmenu question, so feel free to ignore it, I’ll repost it in the forums.

Do you have any idea on how can I bind jgmenu with bspwm/sxhkd to launch it when right clicking on the desktop? I love the Openbox root menu and the tiling of bspwm and I would like to combine the best of both worlds :slight_smile: . I saw it’s possible with other WMs, but I can’t figure out how to do it with bspwm.

Even a small push in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.