Jgmenu printing directory structure instead of application listing

Hy everybody,

I switch recently from bunsenlabs to archlabs and I do have some issue with my jgmenurc config.
When i was running bunsenlabs, I had the same issue only when xfce4-settings was installed.
So, i removed the xfce4-settings packages, but still have the same issue that you can see in the screenshot.
Instead of having three columns of applications, i get one column sub-categories.

There is the jgmenurc:

csv_cmd = pmenu
stay_alive = 1
terminal_exec = tilix
columns = 3

menu_width = 1000
menu_height_min = 450
menu_height_max = 450
menu_padding_top = 20
menu_padding_right = 0
menu_padding_bottom = 0
menu_padding_left = 40

menu_radius = 10
menu_border = 5
menu_halign = center
menu_valign = center

item_margin_x = 9
item_margin_y = 9
item_height = 20
item_radius = 10
item_border = 1

font = UbuntuMono 12
icon_size = 18
icon_text_spacing = 2

color_menu_bg = #111619 80
color_menu_border = #afd7d7 70

color_norm_bg = #111619 70
color_norm_fg = #afd7d7 100

color_sel_bg = #111619 100
color_sel_fg = #A1B0B8 100
color_sel_border = #afd7d7 50

@malm, can you help here?

Tell me how, and I’ll tell if I can

Jgmenu is @malm’s creation/baby. He’ll be able to help I’m sure. I’m not too sure what time of day it is in his part of the world though.

My bad.
Thanks very much for the informations

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I believe you need to disable the directory structure for jgmenu to display multiple columns. Add:

csv_no_dirs = 1

to your jgmenurc -

the original(?) post of jgmenu with columns at BL Forum. Note that malm also has directories disabled.

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Thank you very much, it works like a charm.
I still have two issues:
I cannot use the Left-Right keys to switch betweem columns, only the Up-Down.
In the following screenshot, you will see the Top-Bottom separators.
How can I remove them ?

The top and bottom separators seem to be some artifact that matches the color_norm_fg color; not sure if those can be removed.

Not being able to use left/right to navigate has not been implemented yet (as far as I know) - jgmenu thread BL forum - navigate columns

I’ve been aware of the color_norm_fg option.
I’ll make it centered, for now.
Thank you for your answers

Thanks for holding the fort @PackRat

Moving sideways is not yet supported. It’s on the TODO list. I’ll add it to the wiki Roadmap to make it a bit clearer.

The white lines are the “scroll indicators” :blush: They show if there are more items above/below. I will make them more sophisticated.

Just to clarify regarding csv_no_dir vs columns, columns works without setting csv_no_dirs - you just haven’t got enough directories to spill over into the second column. If you set a smaller menu height, you’ll see.
@PackRat gave the most sensible advice though - and is probably what you wanted.


Indeed -

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Many thanks.
Thank you for the extra work.
Wonderful software that you made, waiting for the next release.

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P.S. don’t like the thread title much

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Something’s going on :slight_smile:


I should have been more specific.

It was quick…