Jgmenu has no categories just a list ,how do i fix it

i uninstalled a qt package thhe other day now i forgot which one it was and i have done this before in the past and after saw that jgmenu is a list with no categories,well i did it again and totally forgot about it can someone help? and how can i properly remove qt test utility and video capture utilit without it removing my whole system?

You can’t if you need qt.

Reinstall jgmenu and read it’s documentation. You were warned about removing packages without knowledge of what they do, now it’s up to you to solve it.

We’re not tech support for every issue you might have/cause on your computer, put in some work and google it, if you’re still stuck and can provide more useful info people here would be more willing to help.


Yup. Plus this isn’t a Programming issue so I am moving this.

@pnotz17 take note of what you are actually uninstalling when removing packages. We aren’t here to pick up the pieces when you blindly remove packages.

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True @Dobbie03 @natemaia . Guess that we all did it at one point, my thing was to reinstall, learned the hard way I think !

Been there with experiments, trying not to experiment too much, it always ends badly on my end lol

They key is to at least to make some effort to solve your issue yourself first. We all make mistakes, learning from them is how we progress,

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The main point I think in the learning process @Dobbie03 .

I m more used to Debian, so when removing stuff I always check what it removes as requirements , even so you get caught somehow on next reboot if you did something wrong,

I also know that some simulate add/remove stuff in either debian or arch/AL as well, which might help the op as well as loads of other people.

You gotta check otherwise you get yourself a broken machine :D.

Exactly, neither Nate or myself are trying to be mean. We just want people to help themselves.

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It s the way I saw it, but perceptions aren t the same for everyone I think. lol

Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt right ! lol

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well i did solve it i kind of created a topic for no reason but anyways

yes ok no problem

Good thing @pnotz17

Just mark it as solved.

What did you did to resolve it if you don t mind.

Yeah lol. Please don’t do that :smiley:

If you do make it a Tip or a suggestion on how to fix your issue.

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i think i installed qt settings

Hey that s cool, bet that @Dobbie03 & I were posting at the same time.

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