Jgmenu disappeared

heya guys i installed xfce4 to try it out today, discovered i didnt like it so i did
pacman -Rnsc xfce
I now eneded up with a basically empty jgmenu:

i think i figured it out. jgmenu relies on xfce4-settings to create the menu. i hope i didnt brake anything else i am not awere of yet

So you have fixed the issue? Mark as solved if so, please.
I guess that’s just a general issue with removing packages with dependencies… but good on you identifying the issue and finding the solution yourself.


how do i flag as solved?

Hit the little checkmark below your own reply.

jgmenu can optionally read variables from an xsettings daemon, but it does not depend on one running.

I’ll fault find if you’re happy recreate the issue.

If you are, run jgmenu from a terminal and post the output.
What’s csv_cmd set to in your config file.