Jgmenu - bookmarks

Tinkering around with jgmenu lately:

jgmenu used to launch a menu of bookmarks:

based on Lesson 6 of jgmenu tutorial

simple cvs file -

Void Linux,firefox www.voidlinux.eu
ArchLabs,firefox https://forum.archlabslinux.com/
Bunsen labs,https://forums.bunsenlabs.org/index.php/
VSIDO,firefox www.vsido.org
OAN,firefox http://www.oann.com/
Reuters,firefox https://www.reuters.com/

launch with -

jgmenu --vsimple --csv-file="menu.txt"

a work in progress; lots of potential with jgmenu.

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Cool idea, it seems jgmenu is very flexible.

I think it can handle pipe menus too, can’t it?
Make it pretty good for multi-media or maybe an rss feed.

This is pretty cool.
I wouldn’t mind having a menu with all my bookmarks. Is it possible to use html as bookmark list?

I’ve just started looking into it, but I think jgmenu supports pipe menus. So if you have the script that will parse your firefox (browser of choice) bookmarks - Like this older version - jgmenu should be able to output the bookmarks.

These look current (within 2 years after a quick look at gitlab page) for bookmark pipe menus in openbox.

Next step would be to get those into jgmenu.

Couldn’t find pipe menus on the jgmenu, maybe that was just a feature request on the BL forum.

Interesting link!
I’ve had a play. Check this out: ff-bookmarks command

To try it, either copy the file manually, or install with

git clone https://github.com/johanmalm/jgmenu.git
cd jgmenu
make prefix=$HOME install 

Try the new command with
echo "bookmarks,^pipe(jgmenu_run ff-bookmarks)" | jgmenu --simple

Or set csv_cmd = jgmenu_run ff-bookmarks in jgmenurc

Or add bookmarks,^pipe(jgmenu_run ff-bookmarks) to prepend.csv/append.csv

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Impressive. Works as advertised, parses the “Bookmarks Menu”.

Didn’t add anythig from the Bookmarks Toolbar if it was suppose to do that.


Compiled no issues on ArchLabs; need to get the dependencies/devel files for Void (and other distros I suspect)

These are the basic means to add a pipe menu to jgmenu? I didn’t see a tutorial for that in the wiki. The script would be in the parentheses?

So something like:

echo “Movies,^pipe(My_Movie_Script)” | jgmenu --simple

would bring up a menu of my movie library and I could select one to watch?

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I have little experience of sqlite, but will have a play to see if I can work it out. I guess “Toolbar” items are stored separately. Appreciate help from anyone with know-how.

I’m inclined not to add any more dependecies to the “core” jgmenu (or at least I would like to ponder it for a while and have some good reasons).
The jgmenu-ff-bookmarks.sh script depends (runtime) on sqlite3 - which appears (on Arch) to be a firefox dependency anyway. I might just make a note of if in the INSTALL.md file and fail with a helpful message if not installed. I guess arguably firefox/iceweasel would otherwise also be dependecies which seems barking.
I’ve put the script under “noncore/” to indicate that it is an “interesting tools - possibly even experimental”. Although I will try to maintain it, my main focus will remain on the jgmenu app itself (top level directory)

Yes. The syntax is simply ^pipe(some_script)
The script needs to produce “jgmenu flavoured CSV”, i.e. name,command or name,command,icon

Good point about the man pages. It is mentioned in jgmenu(1), but it’s very brief :smiley:
I’ll add something to jgmenututorial(7)

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This was all I did to get the script running on Void; just got the script from your git page and piped it directly to jgmenu. Works great.

I would not have needed any extra dependencies in Void, but because of differences in packaging, I would have had to hunt down some *-devel files and get them installed in order to compile the script directly into jgmenu.