January 2020 Screenshot Thread

Welcome everyone to 2020! A new year, a new decade!

Continue from December.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

To open the linked scrot fullscreen in your browser, scroll down to the Download icon on the right (next to Like and Share at scrot.cloud), right-click it and hit T on your keyboard to open the screenshot in a new browser tab, then switch to that tab. Copy and paste the address here and Boom! Fullscreen goodness.
(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

We recommend scrot.cloud for image uploads (max 60MB) (use the linked thumbnail embed code), or as an option drag and drop your image into the reply box. Thank you very much, @Madmedic (how about shouting him a coffee for the effort?)


You guys are too fast downunder ! lol

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Re-did my bar conky. If you notice any inconsistent spacing its because I have taken into account changing values such as CPU etc.


New year, new default window manager. Been using fluxbox for years, going to switch to i3 -


Hi all and Happy New Year !
Switched to Bspwm from i3, using 2 polybars and module/bspwm on each finaly done as I wanted :smile:

@Dobbie03 nice fully i3status.


Nice @archus .

Happy New Year to you also mate.

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Welcome to the i3wm club :smiley:

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The first of the decade for me :space_invader:. The wall is a blue version of @subjunkie. Otherwise updated and working


Same thing here on 1st scrot of the decade;

Same as before, updates only.


I’ve been using i3 for several years as my main tiling window manager. I really like tabbed windows; the main reason I use fluxbox instead openbox. So it’s an easy switch.

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Ah excellent!

sara window manager:


not too bad.

postimage link -



Getting a broken image :frowning:

Opening the image in a new tab works though.

Nice job in there @PackRat

Edit: Both links work on my end.

One of the links should be working now.

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Definitely the postimage one for me anyway.

Finally can get hardware acceleration working on Chromium. Only 5-10% CPU for playing YouTube.
Pretty useful for my 6 years old ThinkPad X230. Now the cpu fans does not scream :smiley:

And happy new year people!


Nice shot @Addy .

Put your ThinkPad to good use !

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New year, same stuff…