January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Very nice. Everything goes together perfectly. Though that covergloobus needs some work, something isn’t right with the album display.


LOL…I lost your covergloobus mods (dark circle). Ive been trying to recreat it…any chance you could put it up again?


Nice shot @robabo


WOW, epic start of the month all! Keep up the pace, could be a record breaker :grin::+1:


Yep , last month was also great.


Inspiring to see all the active participation. Truly some of the most creative and colorful scots I’ve seen in many moons.


lol, you bet.


Get them from here mate



oh so boring tiling wm:





Indeed. I tried several tiling WMs lately, but liked i3 only. Even qtile sucks, written in Python or not.


Configs polished. All the unnecessary stuff removed from both panels. My brand new i3 workshop couldn’t be more ready. Wish I had a work to do. :slight_smile:


Had a bit of a back-light mishap with my lappy so I spent a few days rummaging though the garage and was able to Frankenstein an old Dell I had. Popped a quick install of Debian and a very, very basic i3 to get me by for the next week or two.

Anyways, here it is in all it’s raw ugliness. lol


Glad to see you back.


Nice shot @nwg , @Chris


@philT Thank you.


i3 is usually the tiling wm I use; but with the tabbed layout:



It’s flexible enough OOTB (ok, after stealing a good config). No point in spending 100% of your time on configuring desktops.


Playing a bit with dwm. Result: Almost the same setup than before. I think Iam very limited with colors and creativity. :roll_eyes:


I like the look @subjunkie I’m not very creative with colors. Always two: black and blue, black and green, black and purple…