January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Might check it out when I ll feel like pimping a bit !!! lol


Step by step you’re returning to the light side. image


I have been trying out dark themes over the last few days and I have confirmed my eyes like the light themes. Other than terminals and dunst, everything is light themed.


Oh out of the dark ! lol


Same applies to my eyes. This week I tried dark themes in IntelliJ IDEs, but could’n read even my own code.


I can’t for my eyes, but I like the appearance of your configurations


With a little clarity. I’ve only changed the colors of slim-polybar :sunglasses: The wallpaper is GIMP in action


Nice & dark @Negata . Nice GIMP work


Thanks! This time I did it with Filters> Distortions> Wind


Oh nicee, talents here !


That is a really cool wallpaper.


Very nice @subjunkie. Love the colors.


Welcome back from holiday.


Thankyou mate. Hope you had a good break too.


Still waiting to have it but thanks anyway :smiley:




That is nice @Negata




So not much changed, but I found OM…


Very nice! I really like that conky, that how well integrated the dock is!