January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Great looking lioness in there @LionessAlana .

Colors are pretty much in the same theme so to speak.


Looks great @nwg @Negata


Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick , didn t know Debian was needing so much memory @ idle, better more RAM than needed, never know right !


plz Alana, stop raising the bar.

Orange is the new green, right?


@DatNobleSavage I make no promises about stopping! Purple is the new green, orange is the new purple!


lol, it s been a long time that I stopped trying to follow some members talent-wise here in the forum !

Not enough knowledge for that but like following what can be tweaked or whatever.


It’s not Debian, the excess memory usage is due to the ZFS filesystem that I’m using.

ZFS is a very advanced filesystem with many neat features but it is also a memory hog:


Ah, thx for the comeback @Head_on_a_Stick , was asking how it could have been ! my BL installs based on Debain doesn t take much at idle, makes sence now on the ZFS install.


256 colours is the new 16 million colours


It reminds me of /g/ desktops, cool stuff here
I repost mine with a few changes, I will keep it like this


I think it’s the first time I see a polybar like that. Altough I would not use it, it’s inspiring :wink:


Just a little bit more work and it’s perfect (for me)… not sure I have enough time to waste on more tweaking though…


Nice tweaks @DatNobleSavage . Never stops right !


It’s temporary to be honest, if I cant get rid of the roundness I revert back to normal


Not that I’m going to play, but Arch + i3 + gaming sounds funny. :slight_smile:


I like that! You got me inspired to show off my browser now


Nicee @nwg , @Dobbie03 . What s your browser @Dobbie03 . Looks crazy.


Thanks @altman. It’s Firefox with a bit of custom CSS happening.


Oh, never saw it pimped like that @Dobbie03 .


There is a subreddit called /r/firefoxcss, there is a heap of customising happening there.