January 2019 Screenshot Thread



To that end, I think if I had proper typing experience and hand placement, a tiler would certainly be quicker (for me) but I don’t so I believe it’s a draw here.


Be surprised how quick you pick it up. I never had a class in typing either.


Oh nicee @Glenn . That s some change in there !


@altman, Thanks man :slight_smile:


Wintery there @Dobbie03 , looks great


No problem @Glenn


nice @Dobbie03 what theme is that gtk


It’s Communitheme-Grey, I think I got it from @cog?


With a little more happening in the terminals


Nicee & loads of work going on compared to me ! lol


Confirming I got this from @cog


I’m glad I don’t have to shovel my way through that! But a couple of years ago, we had snow drift against the garage, high enough to walk up it and onto the roof. I didn’t need a ladder that year…


Seeing some pretty great stuff so far this year! This is still a work in progress, but this is my new look for January!


I love this. Especially the dunst placement


@LionessAlana Beautifully themed :slight_smile:


Can you share polybar config?


Right, it’s not ArchLabs. But almost every valuable line in ~/.config/i3/config was stolen from AL. :slight_smile:


What is this madness?

Awesome screenshot!


Debian stretch on zfs:

It’s a lovely filesystem but the only real advantage it offers over btrfs is de-duplication and that needs at least 16GiB of RAM (!) to work properly.

Even without de-dup on my plain openbox/tint2 desktop free reports 954MiB used just after boot on an empty desktop :open_mouth:

ps_mem reports a much lower figure but still…


Minimalist times around here.Wallpaper from ESA images