January 2019 Screenshot Thread




You have a link for the wallpaper?


Real nice @andril


As I had promised in another thread, I gave tiling another try. And this time it took me more than half an hour. :slight_smile:

No, not dwm, as I need tint2 for many reasons. But it seems I could live with i3-gaps.


My word how I do fancy a promise kept. :+1:

Nice work there @nwg.


Ok, I’ve decided learning a different wm than i3 right now isn’t optimal as I have so much to learn with web dev stuff… so I procrastinated a bit:

fk pastels (yes, I’m gonna change the colours in ncmpcpp and termite and neofetch and, and, and…


Looks good @DatNobleSavage .

So much to learn right !





Nice start of the month everyone! :grinning: :+1:

My first of the month… dwm, new wall and a lighter theme.


Gratuitous tiled (cli);

Gratuitous full (gtk);


I turns out I’m not the one and only who uses light backgrounds here. :slight_smile:


Very Nice!


@nwg I usually favor dark but love watercolors and couldn’t pass up this wall. Way to go with i3 btw! :slight_smile:

@Dobbie03 Thanks Matt :grinning:


Wallpaper from here.


Also a bright one!

Judging from the weather forecast, tomorrow my wallpaper will be snowy, too. It’ll look something like this:


Looks like you had some snow.


Holy shit! lol

** Ahhh, thought that was a pic of your place @nwg.


Not yet: this was taken in southern Poland. Just started snowing in my place.


Nice Matt. Wish i could get along with i3 (too complicated for my mind) :joy:

Austria’s a beautiful place, one of my brother’s just got back from vacation there and shared his pics @ new years. One day maybe…


Once I understood how i3 worked I was hooked. I tried Openbox the other day and it seemed clunky and slow.

One day I will make it to Austria to see these mountains for myself.


That because of the mouse? I accepted a challenge a few years ago; set up the necessary keybindings then use your stacking window manager (fluxbox in my case) without a mouse. Amazing how much smoother your work flows.

fluxbox -



Possibly, though it just maybe a mental block of mine. I really love i3 and I think I have a real bias towards other wm’s and de’s now :smiley: