January 2019 Screenshot Thread



What are the modules (left to right) you’re using in that polybar?


On the left: i3 with green for focused workspace
On the right: network in purple and updates in green


Gee, more than just GIMP I guess ! Good job @Negata


Best start to a month by far! Great looking scrots.

Wallpaper: Click Here
Font used for Conky: Paskowy


Top job as usual @McQ


Thanks much @altman!


No problem mate.


First one this year. You may not believe, but the wallpaper is a picture I took through behind the windshield while driving home. No filters, contrast slightly increased.


That looks great @nwg


First one for the year. Using the Deepin light theme. Very nice indeed.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash


Looking good! Hey, hows that new music player working out?


Thanks Chris.

Got as far as installing it and playing with the settings. Didn’t like it. I prefer Deadbeef/Audacious/Quod Libet Uninstalled.


It would be hard for me to get away from audacious and deadbeef to put in a new player that is questionable. Although I do like to experiment, there’s just somethings that I would rather stick with because they work the way I want them to.


going old school


Old school for the win!


Nicee , that s some changes @Dobbie03


Nice & clean @cog


And so, it (qtile + kitty) begins…

p.s. if anyone knows any ‘apps’ that use python then let me know?


Nicee @DatNobleSavage