January 2019 Screenshot Thread




But seriously, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


@philT Sorry for the delay. It’s slim-polybar, @Dobbie03 shared it here

  • WM: i3-gaps
  • Theme: Numix
  • Icons: ePapirus
  • Wallpaper
  • Panels: tint2 + (t2ec + psuinfo)


Surf, with st and dunst in action. Made a new theme to match the dark Slack client.


Nice shots in there @nwg


Looks good @Dobbie03


Couple of things @Dobbie03, I have to try dunst at some point. And that bar is kick-ass. I know you posted your config, but the link is broken from my end, could you share it again please?



Terminal xst (solved)

Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick




Looks good. Hope to resist the will to experiment with new WMs. :wink:


Oh man that Dunst is cool!

Does it work with the laptop keys and pulseaudio?


Yup it does!

It’s controlled via i3 config and another script.

@philT, here man (link)


xmonad -



Oh, didn t know you had xmonad installed @PackRat .


Just installed it this morning. Excellent window manager - love some of the layouts; but brings in a bunch of haskell dependencies.


Hey cool , thx for the comeback @PackRat


I’m just loving the new al-installer. luks/systemd-boot works so smooth.

Edit: also baph is so nice now


Yep, Im a fan.


Nice work this month everyone.

On to February.