January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Not really. :slight_smile:


yep. Jelious right now.


No really lol. They forecast up to 6 inch of snow for today here, lets see how it turns out, loads of forecasts hits & misses here. More misses I must say.


The last of the month for me. The wallpaper was shared by @subjunkie here


NIce. Can you tell me, is that polybar? Do you have link to your config somewhere?


Hi, thanks for that. I tried without tmux and it shows.

Ok so the status bar is a mixture of patched dwm to show the systray and conky.conf

patch for systray https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/systray/

Conky gets started from my autostart.sh which looks like below, im using font awesome for the glyphs.

Conky gets piped via xsetroot.

(conky | while read LINE; do xsetroot -name “$LINE”; done) &

# Autostart section

compton --config /home/sc/.config/compton.conf &

xfce4-power-manager &

nitrogen --restore &

(conky | while read LINE; do xsetroot -name "$LINE"; done) &

conky -q -c /home/sc/.config/conky/cb.conky.conf &

conky -q -c /home/sc/.config/conky/dwmkeys.conky.conf &

clipit &

wicd-gtk --tray &

volumeicon &

exec dwm

Then the conky.conf looks like this.

conky.config = {
out_to_console = true,
out_to_x = false,
background = false,
update_interval = 2,
total_run_times = 0,
use_spacer = 'none',
conky.text = [[
${font FontAwesome:size=12}::  ${cpu cpu0}% \
:: ${font FontAwesome:size=12} $memperc% ($mem) :: ${font FontAwesome:size=12} ${totaldown wlp7s0b1}\
 - ${font FontAwesome:size=12} ${totalup wlp7s0b1} :: ${font FontAwesome:size=12} ${time %R} ::

everything is called from that autostart script via xinitrc.


Messing around with Deadbeef, i found this button feature which is pretty cool, will have to play around with it some more, you can iconify them too. BUTTONS!!!


Thanks for sharing , it looks good.


Yeah, same here. Right now it’s 17°F.Brrrrrr!


:rofl: LOL, if it was 17 here, I’d go and have some beer in the garden!


I’m a desert rat, not a ice cube! Although, some areas around the Great Lakes has wind chill of -50°F. I guess I don’t have much to complain about.


Slightly chilly! :astonished:


Well , some places are cold right @sevenday4 ! Rather be where I am right now, but I guess it s coming up our way if the news are ok.


Well, @philT should go and take some pics. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we can warm up next to the pictures… :laughing:


@sevenday4, @nwg @altman



wow, too nice for now @PackRat ! lol


Now all we need is a drink in a coconut shell with an umbrella :open_umbrella: and we’ll be all set… oh waiter!


Hell… Looking for someone to drink cold beer with?


@Negata Thank you. Nice to see that someone use the walls.