January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Nice pimping in there @philT


My laptop with artix linux and dwm. Im using st terminal with tmux here but unsure why it doesnt show up in neofetch. Pretty standard fare for now, still learning my way around dwm.


Nice shots in there @s7l


Thanks @altman

Just learning how to use this forum, you can tab complete user names with @ very cool.


No problem, guess that each forum has its own ways.


The terminal detection method doesn’t currently work with tmux because the parent processes aren’t the current shell, apparently.

I love your status bar, can you share the configuration please?

I’ve finally got round to changing my terminal colours:




Minimal changes, now with Zafiro-icons and testing qmmp as a music player


sass is ruby based and generates css. on Debian based systems it was the “ruby-sass” package. I haven’t tried looking for it on arch yet.


[this?] (https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/728777)


Really like how the sky fades on that wall.


me too. Just need to work on my window borders to have the same effect.


Sorry for the spamming folks, this will be it for this current train of thought…

and a cleanish shot


Nice wintery shot @philT


Your winter looks way better than what I see outside. :smiley:


Ironically its to make me feel cooler because right now its 40 degrees centigrade outside and Im sick and tired of this heat wave!!!


lol, you bet, -11 C this morning here. Little difference right ! lol


I would take cold over heat any day.


The heat does give me an excuse to have delicious cold beers :beer:


lol, good reason to have a beer !


We could swap locations for some time. This morning in my place:


Nicee @nwg