January 2019 Screenshot Thread



No problem , nice shot again @cog



Sorry for spamming, just came across this amazing painting to use as a wallpaper.

Found the wall at 4chan.


Gnome to a lot of things wrong in my opinion, but Adwaita isn’t one of those things.


Wow, hard @ work @Dobbie03 !


This week has been difficult, but I’m here family. Otherwise using: i3, termite (in process of change to st), zsh, last kernel, firefox, atom, vim, thunar, audacious …

The wallpaper from wallhaven here


One night I went out to take pictures of my city to make wallpapers, if I get something nice I share it. In the second screenshot, I try to do something with those images. Today I’m bored and playing with gimp

The wallpaper is in unsplash here


Top job again @Negata


Theme please?



In my scripts repo you can generate the GTK and icons using the deepin-dark-mod scripts

In the dotfiles repo you can grab the FVWM config if you want that theme too.


@cog Used your deepin-dark-mod script to make the gtk3 theme; nice work:



Using these now, thanks @cog.


So glad y’all are getting some mileage out of the scripts. They need some more work but have been daily usable on my rig too. I just need to wrap an image magic script for assets and make it replace a couple gtk2 values. I also wanna venture into the light themes next.

Dunno if y’all looked at the top of the scripts but you can change some of the colors with the hex or rgba values.


I’d be into those light themes!


I’ve added the wallpaper in Custom


I noticed those; looks like a user can change a few variables to get a new theme.

Used the icon script as well, looks like it’s a complete set.

The mint-y script apparently needs a package named sass. Python dependency?


Nicee @Negata


You know @altman, crazy gimp in action


lol, you bet ! Keep them coming up @Negata .


Still messing. Couple of changes to rofi and window border theme, iz all.