January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Nicee @philT


Cheers. Got a bit of theming OCD right now


Great job, keep it on.


The wallpaper was an unexpected content of my backpack today. :slight_smile:


share the walls please :slight_smile:


@philT where’d you get that GTK theme archLabradorDARK?


@McQ I made it using oomox.


Really amazing @philT. You’ve got an excellent touch for styling.


Wow, thanks mate. I appreciate that.





Clean install 2019-01 release; fluxbox chosen as window manager:


fluxbox port of city-lights-flat theme.


New wall, slight color changes, got my memory foot print downsized


That wall a cog original?


Nice shot again @cog . Keep it on.


Just a new wallpaper

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash


Nice & dark @Dobbie03


I must say I’m kinda proud of it. The @PackRat’s latest post made me jealous. :wink: This is an ancient Atom-based Samsung netbook. Config files (i3 & rofi) stolen from AL, as simply the best.


Got bored, made some png window decor.


using tint2 as panel, psuinfo, jgmenu, wallpaper by subjunkie:




I wish it was. It use to be on unsplash. It’s from the great sand dunes national park over in Alamosa. The only place I know it’s still uploaded is here on reddit.


Thanks bud.

Got my fvwm config’s re-tweaked and based on arch now.