January 2019 Screenshot Thread



@negata - nice setup; you have a link for that image of the Sphinx?

fluxbox with tabbed terminals, qutebrowser, audacious. Used oomox in attempt to make a matching gtk theme:



Yes @PackRat, It’s from the documentary The Revelation of the Pyramids, the frame is near the end of the documentary



oomox is sort of addictive:



@PackRat in regards to the Taos Pueblo some of the original walls are around 1000 years old. The thing about adobe is you gotta keep putting mud on it.


Behold… The art of Sci-Fi


I really liked it.


lol I saw that video too… favourite bit: “Ever wanted an electron based… no, me neither. Let’s get into it”

Gotta love Derek <3 You should’ve posted a gif to show it in all its’ tacky glory :wink: p.s. IP address


Oh yeah - I couldnt help it. If I had a tocuj screen, I might actually stay with it for a day or two just because, lol


Hi all and happy new year! Here is my first screenshot of the year:


Nicee @archus .


Nice, nice, nice!!



Awesome @Chris!! It looks like the control panel of a spaceship called ArchLabs.


Officially this is the first of 2019 for me, like the previous one that I put yesterday but with the logo.


Nicee @Negata . Futuristic right !


@altman Sometimes I go crazy with GIMP, and I usually get things like that


lol, never worked with GIMP, talent there @Negata


Today I wrote the steps for the logo: Filters> Artistic> Cubism


Unfortunately, its nothing I came up with. I don’t have much of a creative eye. So the credit goes to seeing this on DistroTube and a quick install via the AUR (edex-ui), but thank you for the compliment.

LOL and to be honest, it lasted all of about 10 mins before I removed it.


Okay. But I like the idea of a control panel with AL :rocket: