January 2019 Screenshot Thread



@PackRat Nice one!


Thanks man.

The bars look like they aren’t straight. Might me just me. Anyway great colours!


@philT Xfce for the win.


@Xen (aka hypervisor) like what you did there.


Tried inverting what I got used to. Still unsure if I like it.


Continuing on my real mecha kick right now, have some Pacific Rim goodness. I change my wallpapers nearly as often as my boy @Xen


Looks very well. I’m back on a dark background, too. It took 5 minutes. :slight_smile:


Pacific Rim!! <3 Awesome job~!


Thanks boo :wink: :heart:


I can’t deal with light backgrounds. They hurt my delicate eyes!


Cool AF.


Nothing fancy whatsoever.


That wall is amazing, never gets old.


Meshuggah are the business


Thank you.


Like it @nwg


The dark side @Dobbie03 ! Nicee


I didn’t, to be honest. :slight_smile: Restored my old setup after 5 minutes.


lol, guess one gets used to some themes & one continues with them right !

Edit: I like the lighter themes, my eyes like them better lol But dark themes are pretty.


Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

New GTK theme (archLabradorDARK) and new wall.