January 2019 Screenshot Thread



I think the above average Xorg usage there is due to xsetroot, could be wrong though.



Is that x86 or x86_64?


64 bit. Alpine Linux is awesome :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve linked /sbin/init to openrc-init instead of busybox so that saves a little bit over the stock system.


Just an idea. Maybe someone more skilled will like and draw it better. :slight_smile:


Dang that is impressive


The shadowing there makes it look almost 3d, very nice.


Top job again @nwg


Thanks! However, my befriended graphician would laugh over me again. :smiley: Anything I draw, he does 100 times better.


screenshoots archlabs


dwm --> New & last one for this month. Default setup with new wall.

st, nnn, vis, cmus, cmusvis, calcurse


Top again @subjunkie


Thank you sir!


lol, no problem @subjunkie


Mate, I love the colour scheme. Can you please share the hex code for the grey window border and the panel?

And, whats going on with the bars in cava?


Jumping on that anime bandwagon. I’ve loved this series since I was young, and I thought this would be a fun colorscheme.


Wow that is amazing!


Oh, I see red @LionessAlana . That s some change in there. Nicee.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I like that color mixture!


@philT It appears to be #414C5E


@subjunkie, @LionessAlana - nice dwm configurations.

fluxbox; wallpaper is a photo I took of this morning’s (12:05 AM EST) blood moon eclipse.