January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Really nice man :slight_smile:


hacking dwm - remove active window title from status bar:


thanks, nate.


Pimping again @PackRat ! Nice job .



Looks great @philT


thanks as always mate!

On the black coffee yet?


Yes sir, -21 C so black coffee it is.lol


Love it.Its always black coffee time in Canada!!!

Equally, its 35 c here at 22:15 - its always cold beer time.

This is the worst heat wave on record. 5th day in a row with > 42 C temps bllllaaah.


lol,yep black coffee time on my end, might not be the same for other people here in Canada ! lol

Australia as beautiful as it is, bet that I wouldn t like living there as it seems way too hot on my end.

Edit: bet that cold beer is a must @ temps like those.


Installed AL-1812 and solved some small problems. Now everything works!!



hoho, nicee, like the theme in there @womp


Yeah! I like them!



Restored my Alpine Linux system, btrfs this time:


Wallpapers are bloat! :stuck_out_tongue:






lol, a bit too much right !



@negata nice; that a separate theme for audacious?

Curse you Xorg!



Not at the moment, I had some ideas to change the look. The icons are the Newaita


That’s a black wallpaper to match your terminal background, isn’t it?