January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Nice @cog! :slight_smile:


The sub 100MiB club.


Some nice fish; how’d you cook them up?



I didn’t catch those char but if I did I’d smoke them man. They look like Brookies. My favorite.


@Negata, I think I need to see a dirty scrot there!

@subjunkie, perfection as always.

@Head_on_a_Stick, typically legendary technical shit happening.

@Negata, this this one is particularly nice.

@cog. man that is nice. For some reason solid colour wallpapers never look as good on my desktop when I use them.


@Dobbie03. That’s because you’re not doing it right!! JK. Thanks, they can be good if the hue is right.

@anon37345411 Thanks. Get you some.


It’s not bad but Alpine Linux can manage half that (OpenRC/busybox & musl libc ftw!).



I just barely made it :stuck_out_tongue:


Back to XFCE. I’m an old school tragic, but I like it.

More polishing to be done.

Oh and btw @natemaia and @Dobbie03 and team, that latest install is just so kickass, I might have to reintall AL every week. Great job chaps.

So the icon set is ACYL.


Oh, dark & light @natemaia


Nicee @philT


Cheers man.


@philT Sweet! :+1:


So dwm without the status bar is under 1Mib?

just made it without using a tiling wm (polybar usually puts me over 100):


Cleaned up the running services - sub 100MiB with fluxbox:



I keep trying colors


@Negata Very nice :grinning:


Thanks sir @anon37345411. Maybe the logo isn’t in the center exactly, but I like how it looks slim-polybar with the background colors


Love those colors :slight_smile:


There’s a fair bit more than just the status bar changed in my build, no reliance on Xft and it just manages windows, no drawing or creating it’s own.


One more reason to avoid coding in Java: