January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Never done with tweaking configs!
@Xen Looks great, seems like we’re matching! :wink:


Why, yes! It does look like we are! :wink:


You all may be surprised that I wasn’t satisfied so I updated my terminal color scheme. Added a burnt orange and a desaturated tan to diversify the scheme.


@hhhorb, good to see you here man

@Xen, welcome back

@LionessAlana, still kicking arse


i love the wall


I’m trying new color mixtures. Sometimes I like to keep it simple. Otherwise, testing music players and working with: i3, zsh, termite, slim-polybar, thunar, firefox, gimp, atom…


Looks great @LionessAlana @hhhorb @Xen @Negata

Keep it on .



Top @subjunkie


@altman Thank you.


No problem @subjunkie


Looking fantastic! Looks clean and cohesive!



You have your mkshrc on git or something like that?


@LionessAlana Thank you Alana.
@PackRat Thanks! Yes here: https://privatebin.net/?892c1fab3b8aa5da#kTIo/t+Qv1wZhBK9ec2k1J3450w4+vyz0+7rd8SYU38=

…but that is not the default mkshrc. I have extremely stripped down the rc for my needs. There is nothing more than a PS1, FFF customization stuff and some aliases.




mksh ftw!


72MiB for a bare desktop, nice.

I could get it lower by disabling systemd-networkd & systemd-resolved but I like their command line interfaces :slight_smile:

Note also the lack of polkit, I can’t stand that program…


Thanks; I’ve only ever seen/used the default mkshrc; was curious to see what you had going on. Going to use some of those aliases.


Some changes regarding this morning. I think it’s the first time I put a clear background :sunglasses:. I’ve caught the wallpaper from here


That is low. Wasn’t there a ‘how low can you go’ thread on the old #! forums? Swear I remember something like that. Very cool :sunglasses:

Awesome participation @everyone!


I’ve concocted scripts to recolor the deepin dark gtk & icons. They’re on my github now. (I axed my old deepin-dark themes since now you can make your own)