January 2019 Screenshot Thread



@Dobbie03 & @Chris, thanks fellas.

Just by eye Chris, Always build from a background & tweak it first (adjust the color & temperature or remove a site specific watermark) Then find an appropriate gtk, openbox or in this case, a cinnamon theme, which I then adjust as well to better match the wall. For my color schemes, I use gcolor2 to select a color from the wall for colors 0–>6 and use this site to create a pleasing gradient (generally, choosing every other color for contrast between them and selecting light–>dark (for dark theme) or the other way around for a light theme. I repeat the process for colors 7–>15 but start with a color from the gtk, openbox or cinnamon theme. By doing so, thee’s a pleasing array of colors when cli apps are open.

Sorry for the long winded answer but that’s the method to my theming madness :stuck_out_tongue:


Debian stretch running bspwm + xfce4-panel, clean:





Very nice. Debian have a knack for nice wallpapers (I’m guessing thats a default?).


It’s an old one actually, I think it’s from Debian 7 (wheezy).

I don’t like the newer ones so much.


I don’t think I have seen the newer ones.


They have a page for artwork:



Thanks for the link. Oh yeah I quite like the new walls there.


To much material design stuff but ‘SynchronizedMotions’ isn’t bad in the ‘Buster release’.


openbox sans decor:



Most excellent. Love that Polybar.


New theme, new wallpaper

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash


Now that is a “Good Morning!” kinda theme!
Really dig the folder icons . Man, them be nice!!!


Cheers man!


Original wall from here.


Oh nicee ! See that the pimping still going on @Dobbie03


Always, it’s never ending.


lol, not on my end ! lol I must say I do a little but it doesn t show much


You add the red to the wallpaper yourself?

pretty much same old stuff:



Nope it was part of the original wallpaper.


[i3] High Forest Rice | https://imgur.com/a/lsnpRHB