January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Thank you man, same install… Just my favorite desktops.

dwm, openbox & cinnamon.


Cool @Glenn

Collection of Tint2 executors



Great theming and superb wall @Glenn.

And what can I say … Led Zeppelin. :notes: :guitar: :microphone: :drum: :sparkling_heart:


Same old shit from me.


My first post in this thread. Due to lack of time and the fact that I really like the preset color scheme and theme a lot, the changes I made, if any, are rather subtle.


Wallpaper: Source (I got it from there but I think it is actually based on a Mercedes-Benz ad that they refurbished as a wallpaper…)


Very nice indeed. Love that wallpaper.


@Dobbie03 But good shit. It’s clean and minimalist. I like it


Thanks man, appreciate it!


Slim-polybar is great, I’ve only added a dark border to improve the view of the modules, and it looks much better. Otherwise, the same: i3, termite, thunar, firefox, atom, gimp and now also with thunderbird


Darth Dobbie strikes back! :smiley:


Amazing how easy is to clone i3 setting.


Totally awesome Glenn! Simply beautiful!


@Rocco_o, @McQ & @subjunkie

Much thanks guys :slight_smile:


That was one of the first things I did, it just added just a little bit more definition to the indicators.




Always love seeing what you come up with. Another work of art!


Thanks man, appreciate it.


Super slick - nice on the eyes. Semi dark with accents of some light.
Glenn, are you using something that sets the color scheme to fir the background image?
I know it can be done - never looked into it. Probably why I have stayed with the norms I stick with.


Yeah that is an impressive scrot.