January 2019 Screenshot Thread



Happy New Year to everyone!

Wow! Decembers thread was HUGE. Reminded me of the Ubuntu forum Screenshot thread when the forum was at its peak.

Keep up the great work everyone.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

To open the linked scrot fullscreen in your browser, scroll down to the Download icon on the right (next to Like and Share at scrot.moe), right-click it and hit T on your keyboard to open the screenshot in a new browser tab, then switch to that tab. Copy and paste the address here and Boom! Fullscreen goodness.
(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

We recommend http://scrot.moe for image uploads, or as an option drag and drop your image into the reply box. Thank you very much, Mr. Neilypops!



Great job everyone one Dec s thread , was a blast, wonder if we ll be able to duplicate it.


Old shot, just updated as usual/ little tweaks here & there on my BL install:


Yeah that’s nice. The BL guys really put together some solid themes in the last release.


Ah , didn t know that, it s been a while that I haven t been on BL s forum what whatever reason that I don t know, weird never had anything bad happening over there.

Edit: I just update as it goes, but thanx for the headup @Dobbie03


New year(OK, i have to wait a few hours), new scrot!


Nice looking as usual @subjunkie


Yeah, i know im f… boring! :rofl:


lol, bad bad boy in there @subjunkie !




Thank you Dobbie. Really… DWM rocks!


@subjunkie That’s one that should be put on the front page. Love it. Nice job man :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you mate. Too nice. Have a really really happy new year!


For those who are already in 2019 … There goes my first screenshot of the year with Slim-polybar :metal::metal:


Glad to see you are liking the slimness as much as me!


I like the idea, it’s crazy and beautiful at the same time. I like it!


Wait what, I’m still in the past.


That’s gorgeous @Negata. :slight_smile:


From my AL install. Same beside updates.