I've Been To The Mountain Top!

Just a small update from a retired pensioner here. Have a modest AMD 4 core desktop I built myself, chugging along nicely, when finances allowed a couple of upgrades.

1st, a new router/modem (ADSL2+ connection only) and new Cat6 cable. Download speeds increased by one third!! Who woulda thunk it? :slight_smile:

But then, a brand new 500Gb SSD drive and 16Gb ram, together with a fresh install of Archlabs linux. Man, does life get any better than this?! I don’t think so! :slight_smile:

cheers, from a very happy,

(Too many changes for a migration - just as easy to new install)


Great to hear!!

Keep it on mate !

That must be a blast @greywolf

I used to think RAM was the most important addition you could make to a machine for increased productivity, but I have to admit these new SSD drives really do give that thought a run for its money??! Load times are nothing short of sensational, compared to my old 5400rpm clunker! :slight_smile:

I am loving this machine, I am loving this distro - I am absolutely in heaven with this distro on this machine!!


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Having enough memory is still important and it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. 8gig is enough for everyday use (imo) however, I just installed 20gig… Cuz I could I suppose, never got close to the 8gigs I had.

upgraded the memory with a 500gb SSD just the other day and I completely agree… WOW! This machine was fast to begin with but it’s nearly ridiculous now.

The big attribute today (again, imo) is processing speed, it makes all the difference.

Really happy to hear your enthusiasm with your hardware and ArchLabs! :grinning:

These things have been around for so long now and the early adopters had the odd glitch reported so I just held off. I thought that it was money I did not really NEED to spend and I’m not a big ‘whim’ person, so, just kept plugging along. But; yeah WOW is the word. I have to put my old brain into a whole new gear to run this thing!! :slight_smile:

The ram for me was more so I could run multiple desktops with lots of things open and running at once without dropping to a swap situation.

What I have been surpised by is the performance increase in the network by updating to Cat6 cable and adding the new router. My old router was a spare one Noah had with him on the Ark?! :slight_smile: Also, the new one does 5Ghz as well as 2.4Ghz wireless so I can move devices off the conjested frequency for a bit more clear running.

All in all I am so happy with this. I will think about cpu/graphics down the track if my video editing gets beyond current levels,


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Hehe :grinning:

That’s something I’d certainly like to improve upon as it’s the remaining weak link here as well.