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Issue with

There seems to be some issue with the main site.

I’m looking into it.

I almost never have such things happen to me…:mask:
Don’t worry. We’ll still all be here and thanks for the heads-up. :wink:

Something that happens here & there, hope it wont be too much work on you guys !

Something is going on with the server. It’s not a financial issue its something more sinister.

It will go down in the AL history incunabulum as the “Black Friday Coup of ArchLabs”. :wink:

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LOL More than likely.

Nothing extra to add to this or new news, still no reply from our hosts. The weekend no doubt is holding everything up.

Homepage is up again! But at the top of it, it says that “The ArchLabs ISO does not include a live environment.”

Am I insane, or does it need editing? :dizzy_face:

Guess that there s no more live environments if I remember well.

Since when is a fully booted system with a login NOT a live environment? :wink:

That should probably be edited to “no live X-session” or something along that line.

No live X-session; ArchLabs boots to a fully functional cli environment.

You are insane.

I kid.

I’m not going to edit it right now as we are working on the site behind the scenes. Will have something new well hosting new soon.

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