Issue with Steam In Home Streaming and 2 monitors

Hello fellow AL users!

Long story short, I have finally done it and fully transitioned into using Linux exclusively as my operating system. Everything just works :slight_smile:

The only problem I have is related to Steam In Home Streaming. I have an Nvidia Shield TV that I use to play games via Steam in my bedroom. I have two monitors hooked up to the PC. Main monitor (1440p) via displayport and the secondary monitor (1080p) via HDMI. The problem occurs when I power off both monitors and start the stream on Shield TV. The stream starts but the screen is cut off as if it was cropping the resolution from 1440 to 1080 which is the resolution of the TV. If I leave the main monitor powered on, stream starts with the correct resolution. I feel that this has something to do with the way that displayport works.