Issue with Polybar

I’m wanting to make the swap from Tint2 to Polybar, however the only thing holding me back is being able to see currently open (but minimized) applications (such as discord/gmdp/franz). When I minimize them they just go into oblivion and I’m unable to re-open the window

Does anyone have any idea if Polybar has a systray like Tint2 does? :’(

Are you using Openbox?

I am yeah :x

Cool, your apps don’t just disappear. user super+tab and it will show your open windows :smiley:

Oh ok awesome. Is there any way to get the tray like tint2 has or does Polybar not support that just yet?

As far as I am aware Polybar hasn’t any support for that. If you use a top panel Polybar you could install Plank for handling of windows?

Ok I’ll look into that. Where is the launch config located so that I can force it to launch polybar instead of tint2? For some reason tint has taken over my desktop and polybar won’t autolaunch anymore :x

Its ~/.config/openbox/autostart.

This is my polybar entry in autostart

(sleep 5; polybar -r aud-bar) &

Thank you so much…I’ve been fighting with this all night. I can now sleep knowing I’ve got my laptop finally set back up how I want it…also btw, love the latest update to AL, fastest version I’ve seen yet. Loving it. :slight_smile:

Happy to help!

Glad you are liking the updates.

Unfortunately it does not; the xwindow module only shows the active window (like dwm). You can take a look at the user contributed modules and see if one has been written. There were some new modules last I checked so it’s active.

+1^ I’ve been looking for exactly this and haven’t located anything yet. @sooTi If you happen across a module, please share with the community.

How are your (anyone’s) coding/scripting skills?

There is a patch for dwm that will show all the open windows on the dwm taskbar. I wonder if that can be engineered into a polybar module.

I’m not near a computer for the next couple of days so I can’t check it out; not that it really matters since I can code/script only slightly better than I can teleport.

The problem is polybar isn’t meant to do this.

Currently regardless of how it’s set up one module can only have one set of actions across everything displayed by said module. Number of issues with this, regardless of what you display there is only one action, so say you click on a given window title, to get which window title was clicked you’d need to do mouse position checks and constantly know which title is displayed where, and truncate the titles when they reach a size limit or say a 100 new windows are opened. I see this being incredibly slow and difficult in anything but a lower level language. (which I’m not knowledgeable in)

The reason it’s so easy for dwm is because it’s all integrated and most of it dwm already does, it has all the window and cursor details, an handles Xevents.

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