Issue with latest installer

Hello all,

pulled the latest iso to try to install on a laptop. Having a new issue of this variation: Issues with latest release

now when I boot into the live install I can type commands, but I cannot hit return to send them in the terminal. The enter key definitely works as I use it to boot into the install as well as it works in windows. There is something about this particular setup and a change that was made during the beta release that seems to cause an issue with how I assume the keyboard on my notebook works.

Any ideas?

Seems to be an arch specific issue, things are fine in all debian and ubuntu distros I’ve tried.

What do you get when pressing Ctrl-v-Enter

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I misread that initially as control shift enter, however both work. So any variation of control + enter works just fine. How did you guess this, or what is the fix for this long term? So that I learn something.

as an update, that works control + enter works to get installed, but once I do I’m back to enter not working again and control + enter or control+v+enter also does not work. I’m genuinely not sure what changed between this release and the last one but it broke whatever is happening now.

Ctrl-v in most shells turns on raw output and will print whatever comes next, I want to see what sequence is used for your enter key, mine outputs ^M.

Do you only have this issue in the terminal? If so have you tried other shells or removing ~/.zshrc? It could be one of the binds in our zshrc causing issues.

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thank you for the background.

ctrl-v + enter = ^[05M
ctrl + shift + enter = M

removing .zshrc without a working enter key was a bit of a chore, but yeah that is the issue. As soon as I deleted it enter works again.

If it matters this is EN/US keyboard layout

Since this issue carries into the install iso, it might be worth updating going forward. shift + enter or control + enter work, but enter itself outputs nothing.

I’ll likely just replace the .zshrc with ohmyzsh on my install

I’ve been able to isolate this to zsh, same issue in ohmyzsh. Switched to bash, no issues with enter anymore. Tried ohmybash and still no issues. So possibly an upstream issue to zsh? When I had tried anarchy it had the same issue. Up til this thread I would have figured it was hardware, but I guess it’s a zsh issue.

Add this to ~/.zshrc and it should solve the issue (if that is what you’re Enter key outputs)

bindkey -- '^[05M' accept-line

Or switch to bash using


I’d recommend not using ohmy* frameworks as they are generally considered bloaty and do very little to help people understand the shell.

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