Iso with new kernel

I am using bunsenlabs, and really love the look and feel, but after using Arch on my laptop I would prefer to switch to that for my daily driver. My issue is that I have a radeonVII on my PC and the current archlabs iso doesn’t have a new enough kernel to boot. Is there an iso out there someone’s cooked up with a new kernel? Or is there a way for me to put a custom kernel before booting?

Might be an update issue &/or driver issues.

Check this thread;

Are you saying the Archlabs iso wont boot for you?

Once setup and updated, Archlabs will use the same kernels Archlinux uses.

The bootloader just freezes. I just assumed it was kernel related

So does Bunsenlabs work on the same machine with that Radeon card?

It might be an issue with kernel mode-setting initially on the archlabs live iso.

What iso are you using? And just to be clear as i understand your post means you havent installed anything onto disk yet?

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Bunsenlabs works just fine. I created a live USB with the 2019 archlabs iso. Im not home right now to see exactly where it is that the bootloader freezes, but it’s pretty early. I’ve installed many other distros just to see what’s going on, and they all seem to get past grub and into the live environment. Just archlabs has this issue for me.

Might be a download and transfer problem, and possibly like how you put it to the usb or cd dvd etc?

What was the Archlabs iso you used?

Has BunsenLabs released Lithium yet? Their Helium kernel is pretty old so if you’re using that then the ArchLabs kernel version will be newer.

Not yet.

Im using whatever the latest iso that is on sourceforge. The 2019.01 iso I think it is. I’ll try using a different program to flash to my USB.

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I wonder if that Helium refresh they did the other day is using the BPO kernel.?

Do you have intergrated graphics? If so, try to run archlabs setup without that radeon VII