Is this true… what will Microsoft try to do now?

Bill Gates leaves Microsoft board.

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A good thing by itself, but nothing says the next one will be worst than him !

Unless it s fake news again going on.

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Bill Gates is 65 and he & Melinda (his wife) want to focus even more on their philanthropy (thus far they have endowed their foundation with some $46 billion). I’m not a fan of MS stuff, but Bill & Melinda work very hard to make the world a better place.


Ah, will be a good thing then, thx @manyroads

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What Bill Gates does with his money is amazing. He could just keep it all to himself like Jeff Bezos, but he would rather try and benefit others.

Amazing man. If only of more of the worlds wealthy thought like him.

P.S. Fuck Jeff Bezos.


It s more for the fiscalities I guess but a good thing anyways,

Also funny that he started to give money after he got heat from the anti trust issues he had then.

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Well some times it just takes a little push. :smiley:

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lol, you bet

Because people ‘ought’ to know… this may be of interest.

and one more…

Good reads in there @manyroads.

But when they give something, they receive something back in return one way or another right. They usually don t do things for nothing.


Regarding Jeff Bezos


He needs the money the poor guy.

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I actually feel sorry for him. Sooner or later all the evils he’s done will come back on him. Greedy people will find themselves very unhappy and unsatisfied when they have all they want and visit many places many times and may become bored. Hopefully, all of his employees will find better jobs and leave him behind.


Either way, I just think he is an arsehole.


I approve this message lol


Even an arsehole has a useful purpose. Bezos on the other hand…

Okay then. Let’s be more accuracte. I don’t often use this word in real life as I find it rather offensive.

Jeff Bezos is a cunt.

Good description right there I think.

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Sums it up.

Keep in mind this is the guy that put the new Amazon warehouse up for bid - whichever state gave him the best tax breaks got the warehouse. Didn’t matter if the location was the best logistically for package delivery.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez called him and the New York politicians out on their bs and caused a major shit storm for a couple weeks.

You know, I will never meet this guy and I know it’s not right to make up your mind about someone with out meeting some one and getting to know them but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I intensely hate this man. He is part of what is wrong with this world.

Imagine how much better our lives would be (financially) if companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft (just to name a few) were forced to pay their taxes in every country.