Is there a problem with the graphics card drivers?

After updating the kernel to 5.15.3, the system does not recognize the video card and monitor and displays only in a resolution of 1024x768. A video card from Nvidia 710 series is installed. How to fix it?

P.S. Sorri for my English

Do you still have your previous kernel installed ! If so just reboot to it .

Some members had issues after some kernel updates sadly also.

Wonder if it was resolved. Can t fins it real quick.

@loqs over at the Arch forums says this is fixed for the current kernel version[0] so try updating:

pacman -Syu

Disclaimer: I don’t use NVIDIA so I might be wrong :slight_smile:


Support for this card is dropped into legacy branch 470xx. See NVIDIA DRIVERS Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver.

Current nivdia package is 495. So you need to,

$sudo pacman -R nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils nvidia-settings

$yay -S nvidia-470xx-dkms nvidia-470xx-utils nvidia-470xx-settings