Is there a new download ISO out?

About a week ago @natemaia you (we?) were testing a new version of the download ISO. Is that work done? Have you posted it somewhere for download? I was looking to see if I could make it work and unable to find anything that looked different from what I tested last.

No worries if it isn’t there or ready, I just wanted to be helpful if I could (odd I know). :mask:

Guess that @natemaia posted one in google drive couples days back, can t find it.

@altman @natemaia The last one I tried would not install on my Intel i5 gen10 laptop (Dell Inspiron) I was hoping a new version might work. I’d like to get AL functioning on this ‘bad boy’ down the road. :wink: :mask:

Yes sir, hopefully it will be out soon enough, wonder when, can be anytime.

Months I think unless we have a surprise.

@manyroads If you tested the shared version on 04/25, I think it was the last available beta

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Any link @Negata . Can t find it.

@altman It’s in this post :point_right: Beta 2020/04/25

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Hey thx @Negata

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I think that’s the one where I had problems. This was my last experience…

Nate and I are working and testing on something now. You never know what might happen.

Appreciated @Dobbie03

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Let me know if I can help break anything for you and @natemaia :mask:

Cheers, check your PM’s

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