Is there a chance to have ArchLabs dARK's openbox theme with rounded corners?

I love ArchLab’s theme for OpenBox,(partly the reason why I use OpenBox) but I find the sharp window corners quite ugly, is there a chance the devs might add an option to have them rounded? I think it’s not available in the default openbox repo, but maybe it’s a feature you guys could add in the future, I’d love to see that <3

Pretty sure ArchLabs installs stock openbox so you will need the openbox-patched package from the AUR.

It’s openbox with some patches, including rounded corners.

I never use it, so I’m not sure if openbox-patched will overwrite your existing openbox.

What @PackRat said. I think with the openbox-patched version you need to specify the radius of the corners.

I’ve never used the patched openbox. Are rounded corners specified in the themerc or rc.xml?

It’s in the rc.xml