Is MS Edge Malware? Probably,

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No surprise there.
Thanks for the good read.

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MS “no longer” support W7 but seem to install Edge and then steal the history etc from other browsers. They aren’t to be trusted. I have said this here before, having MS as a partner of the Linux Foundation makes me extremely uncomfortable.


If this continues with Linux, I will probably switch to BSD.
I’ll wait a while and see how it all develops.

It’s great that there are still alternatives. :wink:

No surprise. Anything from MS, now even Goog, you have to be careful.

As stated above, not surprising at all. It s planned obsoletness, some of the older hardware don t/can t work with these newer softwares.

Shurely s a big corporate malware, mind to say they re not alone like that.

Well for one thing, they are still trying to run Win 7, probably a home version of it, so complaining about malware is a bit stinky while still running an OS that is no longer officially supported. Another is complaining to MS for running an OS that is no longer supported.

For years I hung onto Leopard until I couldn’t anymore, and that was due to not being able to get a browser outside of Safari to work on it, because Firefox itself didn’t support it. Hell I was looking for older versions of Camino to run on Leopard lulz. Sooner or later people have to migrate to newer technology, hell my Dad just bought his first iPhone after years of not giving up his flip phone lol (he loves it, now he can get golf scores at command), because technology moves forward, not backward, and people move along with it.

This being said, I am still running OS X because I’d have to hack it to run macOS on my 2009 iMac that still works, it’s just that El Capitan runs slow on it. It’s one thing when the OS is no longer supported, it’s another when the hardware isn’t as well. That’s why I am installing Linux on it, which I had ages ago in a tri-boot using rEFIt, with OS X, Win 7, and Linux.

I have two Mac laptops. One new with Big Sur, another one is not supported anymore. I don’t change anything on the new one, it works as expected. The old one has Linux on it, its second life. :smiley:


I know a guy who was Hackintoshing laptops because he couldn’t let go of OS 8/9 lulz. He had software that ran on it, loved that software, yet was too cheap to buy newer versions that ran on OS X.

I don’t blame that couple for still preferring Win 7 over anything MS has come out with since, Win 8 was, well, it was Win 8 that’s all that needs saying, and Win 10 might as well be ChromeOS, which I assume one has to sign in to Google to run (I had never ran ChromeOS, but a lot of teachers do, because of what they offer for education). But they are also complaining about Edge stealing their Chrome data. This might as well be an article out of The Onion.

Yes it is.


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Has anyone tried MS Edge on AL or any other distro? I thought I’d check it out. I installed the bin from the AUR. It wouldn’t even start. I uninstalled it. That is as far as I intend to go with Edge on my personal PC.

Your a brave man @Dobbie03 :pray:


I could try it on the Pop OS partition, if they have it in their repo. I plan to use another distro on it instead of Pop. Thing is I hate MS browsers, always have, always will. Why? Because I had to fix a load of PC’s because they infected them with malware like Derek Jeter and herpes.

What’s wrong with him? :grinning:

I tried it once in Fedora live environment. It’s Chromium plus MS tricks to get your info. I always try to stay away from any Chromium/Chrome based browsers. This one is even worse than Chromium/Chrome.

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So I decided to take one for the team, and installed it on PopOS, using a .deb package. I looked to see if it was in the Pop Store, did a search, and Pop locked up on me (which never happens with AL or BL or any other distro, mostly because I loathe app stores, even in MacOS), so I rebooted and then installed Edge. In fact I am posting this in Edge as I type. It’s pure MS, which makes me hate it already but I am of open mind, so I shall test it for the remainder of the Pop installation (meaning I plan to wipe it in a few hours or less). Will post more thoughts later.