Is Google Search just getting worse?

So I am trying to remember a name of a band I haven’t listened to in a while and I have a vague recollection that they are from Germany, a Death Metal band and few other details. I enter these into Google hoping it will come straight up. No. Not even relevant.

All Google gave me were American bands. It was like it just ignored the German part of my search term. But this is one of many examples of Google proving either completely irrelevant search results or just outright not coming up with anything.

Google search used to be fantastic, now it’s just down right frustrating to use. It pisses me off that they favour searches from Companies that pay them for that as well. It skews the ability to search for what you actually need.

Anyone got any suggestions of a decent search engine that actually provides relevant results?

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I just found it another way and to make it worse for the Google search I even typed the name of the album correctly and it still didn’t find it.

But I did get the country wrong, it was Austria not Germany. Either way I would have thought Google would have actually discovered the album considering I entered the name of it correctly.

Well , been years that I haven t used Google search engine, so can t say much if they went downward or not.

Been using this one lately;

As well as,, & .

Wonder if it can be of any help.

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Thanks @altman I’ll check those options out.

I have been getting good results with:




public instance searx

they claim to be privacy oriented.

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Thanks @PackRat, some other good options there.

An interesting result from searx

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Keep in mind that Google is allegedly messing with their algorithms to impact the pending US election - 3 November.

A lot of people complaining of, and posting, their messed up search results.

I’m starting to really dislike Google. Just let people search for what the hell they want to search for.

Back up singers?

searX looks interesting, but not being a programmer so I don’t fully understand it. You can apparently use their code to make your own in-house search engine. That would be interesting. Glittersloth had some comments about searX on the BL forum (can’t remember which thread); I think he knows someone that made a search engine for their company that is all locked down for privacy. You can send him a pm if you’re curious.

Google, FaceBook and Twitter are off the rails. Zuckerberg dialed it back a bit - smart enough to see the writing on the wall, I think.

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LOL! Can’t say I have heard of a DM band with back up singers!

It’s only going to get worse.

I am also struggling with Firefox, I love Firefox but I am finding it increasingly more and more frustrating to use. I refuse to use Chrome/ium and Brave. I just don’t know what to use.


Just getting to bloated?

I like Vivaldi. I don’t know what they morphed into, but when they originally split from Opera they appeared to have some good ideas. Not in the Void repos though (Opera is); I forget what it was that Vivaldi does that prohibits Void from making an official package. I have to unpack one of the rpm, deb, or tarball packages and it runs, so not an incompatibility issue.

I think so. It’s hard to pinpoint. I actually am struggling with all the browsers, there isn’t just the “perfect” browser for me. Firefox was that but, yeah.

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No fair, I got gypped.

At least you got relatively relevant results there.

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As much as we all love to bash the big G (bunch of ****wits that they are), the poor performance of search engines is mainly due to the despicable work of those nefarious arseholes working in SEO:


FWIW I have good success with Google researching dead people, no longer existent lands, provinces & cities. But then as a genealogist, I live in the past.

Edit: If you want to see some ‘neat things’ in this realm. Here are a few articles:

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That looks interesting, thanks for the link.

Typical, a few jerks ruining it for the rest of us.

Are they very vocal against vaccines? Maybe thats the reason why you cant find this band… Anyway try different search engines like duckduckgo or . looks like not very great you should use or

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