Is anyone here using Kitty as their terminal?

So st was doing some frustrating things that I couldn’t be bothered to investigate to fix and in the mean time I have installed and have been using Kitty.

It’s nice, I like it. Anyone else use it? Any thoughts?

never tried it…

AFAIK @nwg swears alacritty is the best thing to use on anything wayland based

I really like xfce4-terminal for x11 setups. To me it’s what termite should be and is in between the vte and suckless/xresources world.

Nop, still on my old Sakura on my side.

Heard about Kitty here in the forum but never tried it.

I used it for a bit, its nice but I wasnt a fan of some of the configuration and the developer is pretty self centered. Ultimately I just stick with xfce4-terminal because I’m lazy and it just works and has the features I use

It’s pretty nice — loads of options and the text rendering is bang-on, even for the usually troublesome alsamixer bars & lines.

The only problem I can see is the memory usage:

 32.5 MiB +   6.9 MiB =  39.5 MiB       kitty
  7.2 MiB +   1.3 MiB =   8.5 MiB       x-terminal-emul

^ That’s from my Debian buster box, the second line is for xterm.

I use it every now and then. If you like using dwm (tilers in general) the tiling layouts feature is good. I haven’t power used it beyond that though.

Hoas is right though, resource hungry and needs a newer GPU - my older HP won’t run it or alacrity. Have to stick with urxvt+tmux on that laptop.

Kitty is also recommended. Personally I prefer Alacritty, even if it sucks on X11. Who cares of X Windows? :roll_eyes: