iPhone Scanning

Looks like I’ll be getting that Pinephone sooner than I thought…

This opens the door for Apple or whoever they allow to view whatever they want.

I understand they are using this in an effort to curb Child Abuse but I can see other countries who impose many restrictions of their citizens put pressure on Apple to expand the capabilities. In no way do I support child abuse, every one of the fuckers who do this need to be dragged into the street and executed, what I don’t support is this capability anything beyond what its initial intention is.

I was looking at the PinePhone site the other day. I think the only ones available will be shipped from Hong Kong, and that might takes months.

Plus it runs Borkjaro KDE ARM version. Which means it probably break on you during a call. If it can make phone calls.

Watched a recent video of it, and the reviewer was like “This works sometimes, this worked last boot, it didn’t work this boot…”

I might as well buy a flip phone.

I might try to see if I can load this on my Android device. Or buy a Pixel. Then load it.

Edit: Hmmm, this looks more interesting:

Installing from an OS in a virtual machine is not recommended. USB passthrough is often not reliable. To rule out these problems, install from an OS running on bare metal. Virtual machines are also often configured to have overly limited memory and storage space.

Officially supported operating systems for the web install method:

Windows 10
macOS Big Sur
Arch Linux
Debian 10 (buster)
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Ubuntu 20.10
Google Android on GrapheneOS-supported devices

I’m even pondering on getting a dumb phone. The main attraction for me to iPhone is the camera. It is better than any other high end android I have ever used.

The Volla phone also caught my eye. I’ll probably get a Postmarket OS friendly phone and install that to be honest.

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I can understand Apple’s decision, because the reality is technology is used by shitty people as well as regular folk, and you can be a shitty corporation that doesn’t give a shit like Facebook, or you have to be responsible to the general public marketplace.

Fortunately there are Open Source alternatives.

Just digging in a little about Graphene:

The fucked thing is I can’t find a flip phone or QWERTY phone worth a shit. Still waiting for that goddamn Blackberry to release. I need a device that can text because people don’t know what a phone is anymore.

Fuck it, I might get one of these:


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I reckon they are a great phone.

Checking out Graphene OS now.

Damn, my OnePlus 6 isn’t compatible. Oh, well.

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I almost bought one. After watching some review vids on youtube, I decided to wait. It seems to be far from ready yet. From the reviews, I haven’t seen any reviewer claims it can be a daily driver. And, it is damn slow. I am afraid I could smash it into the wall after one day or two. :grinning:

Will have to stay with my iPhone, at least for now.

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Oh man how I miss the old days of Blackberry Bold, simple, minimal and efficient.

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This. I can’t stand laggy apps and ROM’s, I ditched Android because the last thing I want to mess with is my phone, and you always have to do that with Android. The Pine, while appreciated as far as concept, is really just another Ubuntu phone, just a “proof of concept” device that’s still full of bugs, and unreliable.

That’s what I am worried about. Maybe I will have to go with a custom install of Lineage on a decent Android phone?

The easiest device to root and install a custom ROM on is the Pixel. If I can find last years version (or the version before this next one) cheap, I’ll just flash a ROM or OS like Graphene and dumb it down even more. Plus I maybe can add a framework or sideload an APK to block ads, un-Google it more, edit the .ini, the works.

I have been so untethered to my mobile device, and I am so better off. Smartphones have made people so anti-social and narcissistic due to social media that I just do not care to engage with them. Calls, texts. email., that’s it. What kills me is that I have to use shit like Uber for going out because I want to drink a few, or have to order dinner with an app because restaurants have focused on that, along with a host of other stuff that is app dependent. I don’t want to be app dependent, fuck that. I can live fine without them.

Pixels aren’t that common here. I am keeping my open.

Google’s flagship mobile device not that available in NZ? That’s weird. Maybe not so weird:

I figure OnePlus would have a robust third party ROM market because of their slice of marketshare.

This is madness.

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OnePlus isn’t available off the shelf. You have to order it. If it’s not Samsung, Huawei or Apple then your gonna have a bad time if you expect to just walk into a shop and buy something else.

Thanks for that link for the custom roms.

I see them at Best Buy here, although they are demo’s, and I don’t know if they have any in stock but you can order one there and get it like the next day. I’ve looked into OnePlus years ago before I went iOS, I got a line into an invite to order one when they first came out. The “I use FreeBSD now” guy used to brag about his shiny new Samsung device and harp on about Android (“I got Ice Cream Sandwich now” was another thing that came out his mouth, I can’t make this guy up), and I told him about OnePlus and that I had an invite and he got super jealous lulz. I had a cheapie Samsung device running CyanogenMod then. I bought a Sammy GS3 instead, rooted that and slapped a ROM on after three months because I couldn’t stand TouchWiz. He actually called me and was like “I can’t believe you have a better phone than I have” after I bought it.

That was the last Android device I used until recently, I bought an iPhone 6 Plus when that came out. He saw me pull it out on a gig we were both on, and before he could say a word about it, I said “I got a real phone now”.

I looked into getting a Xiaomi back then too when I was looking into the OnePlus, because they were inexpensive but had premium spec. Plus I dug MIUI. But I think they shipped with firmware that pinged a server in China that you couldn’t disable even when you rooted it. I slapped an MIUI type ROM on my device instead. Hell, I used to “rice” up my Android devices using all kinds of shit like Themer. It was insane. That’s what I mean about madness, doing all the custom ROM stuff.

Hmm I didn’t know this, I got one and will probably gonna need to check a custom ROM next year.