iOS app development on ArchLabs

I have taken a subject at university (or college as you guys might call) which is mobile application development. The problem is that there is going to be iOS app development and as well all know Crapple is not going to allow users to use its development tools on Windows, it only runs on OS X, and I don’t have a mac computer. So I was wondering if was possible to do iOS development on ArchLabs through hacks or some shit, WITHOUT using VM?

I don’t know personally though I would assume there is a way.

Do you know what the actual requirments are (software wise)? If all that is needed is a compiler and IDE then I think it’s do able, what language is it swift? If so then yes just do aurman -S swift and that should be all you need.

Loking around after a quick google search it seems apple locks a large portion of the SDK behind requiring a mac. This may have changed recently so your best shot is just to try

From what I am aware, I need Xcode and Swift. CAn we have Xcode running on ArchLabs?

What does xcode provide?

Its supposed to be a integrated development environment which contains a suite of software development tools. And I was told we need this for iOS app development.

Yes reading would suggest that just based on apple’s EULA you are rquired to use mac hardware, I suggest something else like C as swift will likely just die off in a number of years like many have before. The entire low level tool chain in use is totally usable on *Nix based platforms, this answer had it nicely broken down

The low-level toolchain for Xcode (the gcc compiler family, the gdb debugger, etc.) is all open source and common to Unix and Linux platforms. But the IDE–the editor, project management, indexing, navigation, build system, graphical debugger, visual data modeling, SCM system, refactoring, project snapshots, etc.–is a Mac OS X Cocoa application, and is not portable.

The short bitter answer is no xcode can only be run on apple hardware as it is a cocoa based application and therfore not portable.

Cloud computing seems to be the only other option aside from purchasing apple hardware, sorry to be the bearer of bad news


Can’t it run on non-apple hardware if I have OS X installed on it?

Why not C++? From what I have heard you can go as low level as C?

Lol its all good =D

Of course, but not legally as it states in apple’s EULA, hackintosh is totally a thing but you can only get OS X legally by first buying a mac.

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Personally I think the two are very interchangable in many ways, and each has it’s goods and bads.

I see, thanks mate :slight_smile:

I thought you could do what C can in C++ so how can C++ have disadvantages may I know?


I think you should have a look at hackintosh sites and have a look at Darwin. If you have a powerful computer you could try a virtual machine with osx.


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ArchLabs is an integrated development environment:

Linus Torvalds uses plain C for the Linux kernel and has some interesting opinions about C++:

^ The other C++ links on that site are well worth reading.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer :slight_smile:


Then just use another tools that does the same as Xcode, your teacher just probably tell you that you need Xcode since it is already complete in terms of tools.

Just use other things such as using VSCode/Atom for Programming, then download the needed compiler for swift or whatever programming language you use.