Invidious - an alternative yt frontend

without ads
does not require JS to play videos
No need to create a Google account to save subscriptions
No yt apis
and more…

Invidious instances:


Ha! I’m curious what Google are going to say. :smiley:

I mean missing ads and the Download button.

[edit] One way or another - I’ll give it a try tonight.

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Again, nice find, thanks for sharing!
In this regard, check out the app NewPipe available for Android via the F-droid store.
Awesome app that pipes the YouTube website to a mobile friendly app.

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Thanks, i have read about NewPipe and it seems good, but at the moment i have no android phone.

Nice find. Download button is a plus.

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@nwg yes try it. Its good, really good. Oh no … Now i have Blondie in my ears. Damn…


They’re going to be ‘Invidious’ :grin:


Thanks @subjunkie!!

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Good idea, but looks weird when one s used to YT , even have issues login with a (Edit: Dailymotion) not Vimoe, never been able to login with my pwd, & I m not new to this stuff, just not for me I me.

Might give a shot with Invidious, Thx for sharing @subjunkie

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Holy moly, that’s fantastic!

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