Internet broadband - What's your speed and monthly cost?


I pay $12 monthly for a 600Mbps line with unlimited traffic but I never got over 400Mbps download. I recently upgraded from 350Mbps to 600Mbps for an extra $2.5 but in reality I only get 80-100Mbps extra instead of the expected 250Mbps plus.

I pay $65 NZD for unlimited fibre not 100% sure what the up/down speeds are meant to be but I am getting this:

Pretty average compare to yours @drLobes. NZ’s internet speeds are crap.

I do have a feeling my router is on its way out.

As it’s still the long weekend here, the current result is worse than usually:

My fiber connection is expected to work at 300/100 Mbps, with 10% less guaranteed speed in both directions. In real life its usually 280+/90+. Traffic is unlimited. I pay 57.90 PLN (15,34 USD) per month. During the previous two-year contract, I had two serious breakdowns that took 3 and 5 days to clear up.

Don’t really know how much I’m paying for internet connection since they bundle it with tv and phone together. The service agreement says the speed should be 1Gbit/s.

Testing download speed…
Download: 664.24 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 605.96 Mbit/s

I should be at 1000 Mbps download speed.

I am currently Number 4 in the queue to talk to my internet provider …

Need to replace some equipment.

Probably need a new router. When they were here to do the upgrade, they replaced my old router/modem.

Don’t use firefox to test the speed. When I tried before, for some reason, it never passed 500mbps. Not sure if it’s throttled inside.

I need a new secondary cable box. Like you, my ISP is also the cable TV provider. I have this little black box on a second TV. It runs really hot and cuts out all the time.

My internet is actually pretty reliable; once-twice a year there are some issues with connectivity. Usually when they are laying cable somewhere in town.

I am now #1 in the queue.

I pay about $100 USD a month for Unlimited Gigabit and average these speeds. Been with this provider for 4 months now since moving to Pensacola, zero issues, knock on wood.

I pay $100.00 cnd a month for two tin cans and a string.
Only wish we could get any of those speeds posted above.


Switch to monofilament fishing line. :monkey_face:


After I drill a hole in the ice. :thinking:


Still remember those days when I was on DSL and running Gentoo.


I bought a TP-Link Archer AX20 wi-fi 6 dual-band , now I get really good reception and speed in my entire home and the price was really good for a wifi 6 router, $70. I just need for my provider to upgrade it’s network in my area to use the router at its full potential.

@SqdnGunny great numbers you got there, but they come at a high price, looks like Poland and Romania offer a really decent broadband for a cheap price.

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That’s a router specifically for Arch systems? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Nice price & product.

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That system still compiling?


Nope. I am done with Gentoo.


Yeah, I run Arch on my pc and laptop, my phone uses something called Aarch64, my router is called Archey and just now I remembered that I have another fetch installed, Archey3, that would be the 10th one on my system :rofl:

20 years ago when I lived in Sweden, I recall getting super fast speeds for the time for like $10 USD a month. US has been way behind the rest of the world regarding decent speeds and pricing.


I’m not a big fan of speed tests as it doesn’t give an accurate indication of real-world speeds but here’s my results.
We pay about CAD $100-120/mo for a 300 megabit connection.

(no shit it’s fast, I’m hitting a server 40km away with tiny optimized packets lol. never like this with actual use)

In real-world situations (steam, direct downloads, etc.) I get around 30mb down.

Isn’t it great being canadian XD, though we’re all living in igloos so why are we complaining.


@natemaia 30mb down or 30Mbps?:thinking:
If you get 30+Mb when downloading then the results of your test are almost correct.
If I have 300Mbps when testing then usually I get around 35-37Mb when downloading something.

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