Intermittent Wireless

Hi! I installed Archlabs about a month ago and i’ve been having trouble with wifi. It seems to connect and disconnect every 2-3 min. A friend told me that it was a bug that it was going to fix eventually but never did

Here is my wireless info

What kind of band are you connected to? 5Ghz? Do you have a lower frequency band available? The higher freq bands are only stable when you’re in direct line of site to the access point. The standard 2.4Ghz band should give a more stable connection in general home use.

I can’t see what else could be causing it and I’ve had similar issues when using higher bands on my router at home.

Appreciate the posted info as well, saves some questions.

Hm, no, i have problems with both bands. Other classmates installed archlabs around the same dates and just switched back to ubuntu. Trying to postpone reinstalling
Appreciate any ideas!

My only other idea so far is coming from the wiki page on wireless[1]

Some users may encounter errors with powersave on this card. This is shown with occasional disconnects that are not recognized by high level network managers (netctl, NetworkManager). This error can be confirmed by running dmesg -w or journalctl -f and looking for output related to powersave and the rtl8723ae / rtl8723be module. If you are having this issue, use the fwlps=0 kernel option, which should prevent the WiFi card from automatically sleeping and halting connection.

While I know this is not your card; it is a realtek so I would look further into this using the commands

dmesg -w | grep -i 'rtl'

# and

journalctl -f | grep -i 'rtl'

See what you can find related to powersave and post back.

though i could not find anything related with those commands, i set fwlps=0 and seems to be working. Thanks!!!

Glad to hear that worked.


Actually it did not work, i’m going to be reading thoroughly the wiki to see if i find something

Ok, hopefully you find something of use cause I’m all out of ideas for the time being.