Interesting update to MPD v0.23

ver 0.23 (2021/10/14)

  • protocol
    • new command “getvol”
    • show the audio format in “playlistinfo”
    • support “listfiles” with arbitrary storage plugins
    • support relative positions in “addid”
    • fix relative positions in “move” and “moveid”
    • add “position” parameter to “findadd” and “searchadd”
    • add position parameter to “load”
  • database
    • proxy: require MPD 0.20 or later
    • proxy: require libmpdclient 2.11 or later
    • proxy: split search into chunks to avoid exceeding the output buffer
    • simple: add option to hide CUE target songs
    • upnp: support libnpupnp instead of libupnp
  • archive
    • zzip, iso9660: ignore file names which are invalid UTF-8
  • decoder
    • openmpt: new plugin
    • wavpack: fix WVC file support
  • player
    • do not cross-fade songs shorter than 20 seconds
  • output
    • oss: support DSD over PCM
    • pipewire: new plugin
    • snapcast: new plugin
  • tags
    • new tags “ComposerSort”, “Ensemble”, “Movement”, “MovementNumber”, and “Location”
  • split permission “player” from “control”
  • add option “host_permissions”
  • new build-time dependency: libfmt

Thx for sharing @KoO

Thanks for the share.